Publication of new norms EN-ISO

Dear client,

For years, Neskrid has received requests from clients such as foot specialists, distributors and manufacturers of safety footwear to create practical orthopaedic solutions that can be legally implemented in models of all brands of occupational and safety footwear. As benchmark in the field of orthopaedic occupational and safety footwear, Neskrid took the initiative in the NEN committee mid-2018 to have ISO standards documented for orthopaedic footwear solutions for inside occupational and safety footwear.

The Dutch NEN committee, consisting of Dutch manufacturers of safety footwear and other footwear specialists, delegated Mr Jan Dirksen (technical director Neskrid) to the European standards committee. In part thanks to this Dutch input and the unanimous approval of the Dutch NEN committee, orthopaedic footwear solutions have been included in the new standards ISO 20347:2021 for occupational footwear without toe cap and ISO 20345:2021 for safety footwear. You can find the interview with Mr Jan Dirksen published by the NEN on their website.  Interview Jan Dirksen

Neskrid developed the innovative 4Allbrands concept to fulfill market operators’ high demand for practicable orthopaedic solutions in occupational and safety footwear. Our ultimate goal is to create practicable and universal orthopaedic solutions that can be used in the models of all brands of occupational and safety footwear. The foundation for the 4Allbrands concept are the new standards ISO 20347:2021 and ISO 20345:2021, which were definitively adopted and published on 17 December 2021, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. Meanwhile, these new standards as EN-ISO 20347:2022 for work footwear without safety toe cap and EN-ISO 20345:2022 for safety footwear have been published in several European countries and thereby made mandatory.

The regulatory body Netherlands Labour Authority, in response to market inquiries about Neskrid 4Allbrands and based on the inspection of Neskrid in its response to market operators, established the legal foundation why Neskrid orthopaedic safety footwear and 4Allbrands orthopaedic inlays meet the legal requirements for all brands of safety footwear. Please find this legal argumentation in the appendix.

Neskrid believes that this will prevent any uncertainties and discussions on the market. Should this not be the case, we request you to please contact the regulatory body Netherlands Labour Authority, as listed in the appendix.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the Neskrid 4Allbrands solutions, please feel free to contact our customer support department. You can do so by telephone at number +31 (0)85 008 0081 or by email at

Yours sincerely,
Joost Pijnenburg
Neskrid 4Allfeet B.V.


Legal Argumentation