The current company, NESKRID, started in 2013 and was created through a collaboration between Gerla Products and Schoenenfabriek Neskrid.

Gerla Products was founded in 1904 by Gerrit Laureijsen and is market leader in the Dutch clog market. The clogs made by NESKRID are produced for different private labels and find their way to the end user through numerous (retail)channels, nationally and internationally. Our clogs are worn most in the following professional sectors: agriculture, nursing, logistics, fashion, hospitality, food. Alongside the clogs we also started producing sandals, boots and sneakers. In 2004 Gerla received the predicate “By appointment of the Court of the Netherlands” for the high level of quality in production and business management.

Schoenenfabriek Neskrid was founded in 1924 by Johannes Dirksen. In the workplace behind his house kids’ shoes were made, but during the 1960’s he decided to start producing shoes for men, sandals and muzzles alongside the kids’ shoes. Since 1977 Neskrid started focussing on making safety shoes.

The merger of the two companies resulted in a synergy that gives NESKRID the ability to maintain a constant high level in production, service and customer satisfaction and translate these factors onto an international level. The constant quality is also guaranteed because NESKRID has the ability to certify custom (orthopaedic) work- and safety footwear. 

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