About us

Neskrid was founded in 1924 by Johannes Dirksen. He started making children's footwear in the workshop behind his house. In the mid-1960s, this was further extended to include men's footwear, slippers and sandals. From 1977 onwards, Neskrid has focused solely on the production of work and safety footwear.

After the takeover by Joost Pijnenburg in 2013, Neskrid started specialising in legislative and regulatory requirements for work and safety shoes and orthopaedic solutions. Neskrid is now considered a benchmark in Europe for certified, multifunctional orthopaedic footwear solutions. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to be able to work and walk safely and healthily. We facilitate this by offering a wide range of footwear solutions, with or without orthopaedic adjustments. We conduct continuous tests to safeguard the health and safety of the end user. Moreover, all our products are certified and carry CE marking. Want to learn more about certification? Then take a look here.

Neskrid presents itself as a unique company that continuously innovates and automates. With its own factory in Portugal and expert employees in the office in the Netherlands, Neskrid always stays up to date on the latest developments in the market. This approach also allows us to deliver high-quality products and excellent service. In addition, Neskred has developed its own system with which foot specialists can put together footwear for end users. This ensures that a suitable solution can be found and created for each end user.