Employers run the risk of damage claims if safety footwear does not meet European directives. This also applies to adjusted safety shoes and replacing inlays, even when the adjustments have been made by an orthopaedist.

Because Neskrid wants everyone to be able to work safely and healthily, we have two types of certification for our products:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Medical devices (MDR)

Neskrid also values sustainability and quality. That is why our company also has two separate certifications: ISO:9001 for quality management and ISO:14001 for environmental management.

To ensure that our products always meet the most recent certification requirements, Neskrid works closely together with NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute, which is responsible for issuing certificates. Our colleague Jan Dirksen is a member of the standards committee. Would you like to know more about NEN or Jan's role in this committee? Read his interview here.

Interview Jan Dirksen