Holiday closure

Neskrid's production will be closed this summer from the 8th August till the 21st of August. This means that if you want to receive your order before this production closure, you need to order it in time in the Neskrid Online Customer System (NOCS). Below you can find the final order dates for each product category. Are you placing your order after this date? Then the delivery time will be at least 2 weeks longer than the standard delivery time you are used to.

Summer holiday

4Allworks & 4Alltimes
A:       8 July
B:     15 July
C:     15 July

Sole:       21 July
Kit:          21 July
Cover:    30 July

During this period we do not pick up lasts from your location. In this way Neskrid wants to prevent that the lasts are wandering around at UPS and then get lost. All lasts will be collected from you till Friday 28th of July. After this date the lasts will be picked up again at your location from Friday 19th of August.If this applies to an order you placed with us, you will always be informed by our customer support department.