X. Regular footwear per pair or in bulk packaging

Category X ready-to-wear footwear is Neskrid's standard footwear. The category consists of different models based on the Neskrid 89 (outdoor) lasts. The chosen model can be ordered in pairs or in bulk packaging. No adjustments are available within this category. The ready-to-wear footwear is available in widths 9, 11 and 13 and in an English size range from 3 to 15 including half sizes.

The following models are currently available:

Akandu Antraciet 2

Akandu Anthracite

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Chalon Antraciet 2

Chalon Anthracite

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Kaska Antraciet 2

Kaska Anthracite

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Campa Antraciet 2

Campa Anthracite

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Chogan Groen 2

Chogan Green

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Heyoka Antraciet 2

Heyoka Anthracite

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Muraco Bruin 2

Muraco Brown

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Tuari Antraciet 2

Tuari Anthracite

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