Orthopaedic safety shoes and regulations

Orthopaedic work- and safety shoes make working more pleasant and comfortable for people with foot problems, but if the safety shoes are not certified according to current EN-ISO 20345:2011 standards, risk factors could be involved for both employers and employees. Employees run a higher risk of injury when it is unclear whether the shoe provides sufficient protection. Employers run the risk of being sued for damages if something happens to an employee not wearing certified footwear.

On April, 2018, new EU standards, which are stricter, even for inlays and minor modifications, were implemented. Together with orthopaedic shoe makers and podiatrists, NESKRID ensures that you receive shoes that are measured and up to standard on all fronts. 

NESKRID can manufacture almost any orthopaedic safety shoe, even if it is simply a question of adding separate components or modifications, and adhere to the EN-ISO 20345:2011 certification.


Orthopaedics and Podo-therapy

NESKRID works in cooperation with a network of certified foot specialists. Professionals who know exactly what is necessary to relieve and/or support your foot in the right way. Would you like to know how to work pain-free in certified, personally measured or modified safety shoes? Make an appointment with one of these professionals. 


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